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About Cryptfinity

Cryptfinity is a Switzerland based platform that combines digital technology and finance. The company provides access to trade digital currency pairs on the market while maintaining security, liquidity, enabling a safe and efficient deal with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

When it comes to trading Platforms with a good strategy Cryptfinity is a global policy provided by insurance companies all over the globe for trading and investment. This covers the insured/investor start up capital and profits against trading losses globally.

Cryptfinity provide investors with best conditions to do trades including well-functioning infrastructure. The company ensures operations with major financial funds for lots of traders simultaneously. We offer investors mutual beneficial cooperation based on clear agreements. Company experts are ready to raise your profit using correctly applied and time-proved strategies and dedicated to short and long-term perspective.

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Expertise and experience
  • Security of Assets

We engage in trading on stock and crypto currencies, Binary options and stock exchange market. We also trade on all trading activities and make daily profit of 15 to 20%, company's daily turnover exceeds up to $100 million through investments and increases turnover for trades in daily funding.

Funds deposited are inputed and allocated into different sectors of the company's investment strategy and profit will be generated into investors account depending on the investment plan. Funds are generated from crypto trading, crypto mining, binary options and stock exchange, real estate and housing sector, medical instrumentation, manicure equipment and herbal products.



A well-calibrated algorithm slices down large orders into smaller pieces and performs across multiple trading platforms, delivering excellent returns and conserving both time and money for the investor. Using advanced methods of making business and a personal approach to each investor, we propose a novel financing example to people who want to maximize earnings, but also as a strong source of solid returns. cryptfinity uses only advanced trading tools and trades at the most steady markets, which minimizes the uncertainty of financial loss to investors and guarantees them a steady income accrued every calendar day.

It is a trio of people with vast knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency trading, Forex, the Financial Services industry, Mining, and Equity markets. We constantly observe the situation in the cryptocurrency market. So our team knows the best time for funding money into the forthcoming trend to make a profit from the deal. Our investors get income that is much higher than in the other investment projects. The cryptfinity firm uses only reliable policies with lesser risks. It means that our investors always receive big profit.

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The Road-Map

Online Program Concept is Born

Winter 2020

A core team was formed, Working on web platform and website upgrade (client dashboard integration) Smart payment gateway

Program Development/Beta Testing

Spring 2021

Beta Testing of Web and Universal Wallets, Company Registered and documentations, and Official Project Live

Program Launch

Summer 2021

Bounty Program Initiated With Media Promotions, Social Marketing, Expansion of features, Chat App, BETA Testing of Application Wallet, Android and IOS Wallet Development

Mobile App and In-House Crypto Currency


Fall/Winter 2021

A core team was formed, Working on web platform and website upgrade (client dashboard integration) Smart payment gateway

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Our investment philosophy focuses on what really matters to our clients - achieving their goals. We adopt a holistic goals-based approach which shifts the focus away from beating the market or benchmarks to you achieving your financial goals.

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